Our Approach to Patent Prosecution
Williams Morgan is deeply involved in patent prosecution, representing numerous clients in a variety of technologies.  The advanced technological backgrounds of our attorneys and agents makes them especially adept at handling sophisticated, high-technology prosecution.   In fact, Williams Morgan has experience in the high-technology fields of microprocessors, cellular telephony, computers, electronic memory, lasers, guidance systems, semiconductors, television, graphics, internet communications, electronic security, medical devices, biotechnology oil exploration and production, nanotubes and the like.


Williams Morgan has represented some of the leading companies in high-technology, including numerous Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies.  Williams Morgan has prosecuted U.S. and foreign patent applications for AMD, Alcatel-Lucent, Lockheed Martin, GlobalFoundries, Dow Corning, Grant Prideco, Cyberonics, FMC Technologies Inc., Western Geco, University of Texas, Texas A&M, etc.


Williams Morgan’s patent prosecution is synergistically benefited by Williams Morgan’s litigation experience.  Williams Morgan’s litigation experience spills over to and benefits Patent Prosecution.  That is, all of Williams Morgan’s lawyers and patent agents that prosecute are also involved in assisting its clients with their litigation needs.  Litigation can be an eye-opening experience for attorneys and agents that mainly prosecute, exposing them to the practicalities of how and why patent prosecution is attacked during litigation.  Litigation exposure for a prosecuting attorney or agent leads to a better understanding of the ramifications of each and every step taken during the prosecution of a patent application.  Avoiding problems during prosecution will produce patents that are more resistant to attacks during litigation, and thus, are more valuable to our clients.

Alternative Billing Arrangements
We are especially conscious of our clients’ inside counsel’s and management’s need for as much certainty as possible when faced with the difficult task of budgeting for future prosecution expenses.  The Firm performs a significant amount of its prosecution work on a fixed-fee basis.  Of course, several of our engagements are traditional hourly rate arrangements, and we are well-versed in the need for prosecution budgets, task-based billing, and other similar requirements attendant to the specific needs of our clients.